• Iain Mcintosh

New Brighton: Kitchen and Bathroom makeover

This project started out as just a staightforward kitchen and bathroom but as we got deeper into it, this old property started to throw up some surprises.

Structural cracks and a full rewire were things the client didnt expect but we took our time to work through these issues.

A new ring main would have been needed for the kitchen but the old wiring from back in the 80's seriously needed changing.

Once this was done then we had to tackle the issue of an old rusting fire escape that was causing structural cracks and bowing out of the rear wall. these were banded to stop any movement and repairs made to the fire escape to stop any further problems.

Now that the bare bones had been corrected we could then move onto a new ceiling, replastering, plumbing, lighting and finally fitting the new kitchen.

Phase 1 completed then onto the bathroom where we took out the old bathroom and installed a new walk in shower and bathroom suite using showerboard as a finish instead of traditional tiling for a more modern feel.

The clients loved the results...

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